Benefits Of Banana And Its Side Effetcs Peels Of Banana Benefits

Benefits Of Banana

Benefits Of Banana And Its Side Effects Peels Of Banana Benefits

If You Love To eat banana and searching for the benefits of banana then today i will tell you the benefits of banana. And We Will Also Discuss About The Side Effects Of Banana

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Bananas And Types Of Bananas
How To Make Milk Shake Of Banana
Benefits Of Banana
Make Scrub Of Banana
Side Effects Of Banana

Bananas And Types Of Bananas

This is very soft,sweet and delicious Fruit And It Has Alot of types. Some Types Are Very Famous. Banana Are Sometime Yellow Only. This is One Best Of Types Of Banana. And Some Bananas Are Yellow With Black Circles. These Bananas Are Very Famous In Asian Countries Like Pakistan,India,Bangladesh And Siri lanka Etc. In The Pakistan Bananas Is Very famous And Exported To Worldwide. Specially It Is Produced In Hyderabad City. Which Is Capital city Of Pakistan.
Banana Is Equally famous In Children's And  Youngsters Or Elders. So Everyone like to eat banana. You can make the milk shake of banana. The Milk Shake Of Banana Is Also Very Delicious. If You Do not know how to make Milk Shake Of Banana Then Here I Have Shared The Method Of Making The Milk Shake Of banana

How To Make Milk Shake Of Banana

How To Make Milk Shake Of Banana

If You want to make the milk shake of banana then just follow the given Method

  • You Need At Least One Glass Milk
  • You Need 4-5 Fresh Bananas
  • You Need Fresh Cream. 
  • Peels of bananas And Break Into Pieces
  • After That You Need A Blender To Blend These Items
  • Put The Pieces Of banana Into The Blender And Then Put Some Cream. Now Add the Full Glass Of Milk Into This Mixture And Now Blend Them Well.
  • After Blended You Can Serve.

Enjoy Banana Milk Shake. This Shake is Equally benefit able for children's Young's or Elders. And It Can be Used In Any Season Easily. You can Also Add Some Ice Cubes In The Milk Shake.
If You Want to Add Ice in Milk Shake Then Please Blend Well The Ice Before Adding In The Shake. So It Will be Mixed Well In The Shake. And You can Drink Smoothly And Easily.

Benefits Of Banana

So Now We Will Discuss The Benefits of banana. banana is A Multivitamin Fruit With Alot Of benefits.  So It Is Very Good For Your Skin.  It Makes Your Skin Shinny. It Is Also Very good In Acidity. if You have the problem of acidity then please eat some bananas. By Eating bananas You Will get rid of Acidity Of Your Stomach. So That It is good for stomach. We Can Say It is a good friend of stomach. So Eating Of Banana Is Good Habit.
Here Are Some Benefits Of Banana
By Eating Banana Your Stomach Work Properly And Banana Also Keep Your  Stomach Healthy. So This Is Best Fruit For Your Stomach.
Banana Is A Multi Vitamin Fruit And It Has Alot of benefits. But Do You Know t Is A Best Treatment For Your Skin. If You Have rashes On Your Skin Then Try to Massage With The Peel Of Banana On Your Face. After Some Time Wash Your Face With Fresh Water. Do Not Use Soap While Yo Are Using This Treatment.

Make Scrub Of Banana

Make Scurb Of Banana

You can make the scrub Of Banana For Your Skin. This Scrub Will give your skin the natural Glow And You Will be surprised with its results. Just You Need To Use It On Daily Basis. So If You want to make scrub Of Banana Then Follow This Method.

  • You Need Some Fresh Bananas. You Can Also Add The Peels Of Banana.
  • You Need Some Milk. You can also Use Dry Milk Instead Of Fresh Milk.
  • You Need Rose Water. You can also Make Fresh Rose Water By Boiling The Roses And Conducing Its Vapours. This Is A lengthy Method But It Give Amazing Results.Other Wise You can buy Rose Water From Market. You can Also Use Other Flowers Water.
  • You Need Turmeric Powder. This is A Very effective Ingredient. And It Is Also Have Been Using For Whitening Teeth. if You Want to White And Glow Your Teeth Then Just Mix Olive Oil In The Turmeric Powder And Then Brush Your Teeth With This Mixture. You Will Be Surprised To See the Amazing Results Of This Mixture. I Also Have Tried This Natural Mixture And I Was Shocked With the Result Of This Mixture.

Now You Have To Break the Banana Into Pieces And Then Add Some Milk (Dry Milk) And In The Last Add Rose Water And Mix These Ingredients Well.Now Your Mixture is Ready To Use. You Can Also Use Fragrance Because Banana May cause Bad Smell So This Will Make Your Mood Unhappy.  This Is a very effective Mixture. Put It Into The Glass Bottle. And Keep In Safe.
You Can Use it In The Night. Just Lap This Mixture On Your Face In The Night And Leave For Whole Night. In the Morning Wash Your Face. Use Fresh Water To Wash Your Face. And Don't Use Soap Or face Wash During This Treatment.

It Will Start Giving Result In The 2Weeks So be Patients. Don't Hurry And Wait For The Results. After Two Weeks You Will Be Shocked By The Amazing Results Of This Mixture.
Banana Is Very Best Fruit For Increasing Weight. If Your Weight Is Less Then You should Eat Bananas Or Drink Milk Shake Of Bananas. Make Habit of Eating Bananas On Daily Basis And After A Month Your Weight And Height Also Will be Increased And It Is A Hundred Percent Working Tip For You.  The Method of Making Milkshake is Described Upon.

Side Effects Of Banana

Everything Has Its Effect And Side Effects Also.Here Are Some Side Effects Of Banana. I Know You are thinking That Banana Have No Side Effect It Has Only Good Effects On Health. But You Do not Know Side Effects. So I Will Tell You About The Side Effects Of Banana.
Eating Of Something Across Its Limit Cause Disease And Also Dangerous For Health.So Do Not Eat Too Much Bananas.  Because It Can Cause of Digestion Problems.
If Your Weight Is Also Good Then Don't Eat Bananas On Daily Basis Because It Can Cause Fatness And You May Face Disease.
Eating Too Much Bananas may Cause The Shortage Of Water In Your Body Because It Absorb Water And You may face Urinary Problems. So Eat Bananas carefully.

Ending Words

So Friends These Are Benefits And Side Effects Of Bananas. I Hope This Post Was Helpful For You. If You Have Any Question Or Suggestion. Then Please Don't Hesitate To Comment Or Contact Us In The Contact Section.
In The End I Will Say That You Should Research Well Before Starting Any Treatment. If You Are Satisfied With The Treatment Then You Can Easily Treat.

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