What Are The Benefits of mangoes - Mangoes benefits

What Are The Benefits of mangoes - Mangoes benefits

hi dr. Paul heater master herbalist here well what do you think this is oh it's a great big fruit kind of red on once I didn't get him read or in this actually well it's a mango I think you could figure that out and your luscious on the inside you know the beautiful orange meat inside hmm really great anyway mangoes are delicious there's absolutely no doubt about it that's uh this one could be a little riper but I love them no matter what they are one of the heavens beautiful fruits that have descended upon us.

I really think that they are one of the kings of fruits there's no doubt about that here in Puerto Rico we have all kinds of them I mean we have big ones as big as a football on down little tiny round ones which are red totally red and just like custard on the inside and little green ones which you actually just poke a hole on one side to squeeze them and take out the juice and all kinds of different ones and I think my wife likes those little green ones that you suck out the juice issue whatever favorite.

I like the bigger ones by myself in some are half fiber so I'm going have fiber they as much my room so and they are pretty amazing things and they grow around the world I mean you can find them in Asia you can find him you know India if you find them in Latin America you find him South America they grow them also in Florida and the keys and all over and in Africa so it's a pretty Universal fruit and they have a lot of healing capabilities in fact there's a particular mango girls in Africa that actually the seed helps people to lose weight then you can buy that mango seed powder for weight weight loss.

I tried it it will help you to lose about pounds in a you know a couple weeks so it's a another thing also they are full cancer-preventing capabilities lots of powerful antioxidants like Gallic acid astrology Jailene I saw queer Satine and all kinds of different course of things that are in them and so it they will help prevent cancer in general and that's that's a big thing so we are have an onslaught of all these free radicals that are causing the possibility of cancer in our body and our body needs to fight those up and actually it killed up about a hundred cancers every day and so with the added abilities of the anti oxidants then we can actually keep ourself LSAT healthy so eating some mangos you know and lots of fruits and veggies that's really that the most important thing also with mango say lower cholesterol the bad cholesterol so or LDL cholesterol and because they have a lot of pectin in them and that's really important they also clear the skin I mean if you can make a nice salt rub you can take a mango and grind it up and add a little bit of salt to it and then put that on your face and a duo salt scrub with your face with mango really does a great job of getting ready to acne and also eating it also is good for the skin to maybe that's why I have such good again also it they improve eye health and they have a lot of lutein E&D anthing in them and lots of other things and they prevent macular degeneration.

 so if you have history of eye problems and your family want to eat a lot of mango also they're very alkalizing for the body because of all those antioxidants I talked about they're very alkalizing so you tend to eat things that are acity you really need to alkalize your body and alkalizing the body keeps away disease so that's super important right there and in general it also helps the diabetes and helps to normalize blood sugar levels which is important also the leaves of the mango tree you can take the leaves and soak them in water overnight or you know you can actually boil them just a little bit just till they come to a boil and then shut it off and then put them in a picture and set them Oh in that picture overnight and then take the leaves out and drink some of that water and that for many people it lowers the blood sugar and does a great job with that but if you really want to lower your blood sugar and into your diabetes go on my Whole Foods plant-based diet and they go to and click on my diet and in the right hand corner and follow that along it's pretty long so just keep looking at a lot of documentation there up studies also and I can guarantee you that your blood sugar especially if you're pre-diabetic your blood Sugar's gonna be great and with my diet also it also promotes good sexual vigour because it has a lot of vitamin E in it so in in good old mangoes so another thing to think about when you're buying mangoes you know improves digestion because it has a lot of enzymes that help to break down protein and so if you're eating a lots of beans and you're helping to one of eating nuts and tofu and things like that and want to break down that protein also the enzymes in mangos help so that's a really great thing and they also improve digestion and the elimination because they have a lot of fiber you know it's we need a lot of fiber and most people who eat very little fiber in fact we the way of probiotics in her body most people only have about anywhere from half pound to a pound if that and most people should have four or five pounds of good bacteria urine bacteria in their gut and so we need to get a lot of fiber in there so the probiotics grow really in the last two weeks I've talked to so many people with diseases caused by now having probiotics going growing in their in their gut and having an overgrowth for this bad bacteria which causes all kinds of problems and in fact aches and pains and diseases and just feeling now lays and in general not well and so in fact I was talking to somebody yesterday and he said boy.

 I thanks for putting me on the track of eating right I look around I feel like I'm the only one that's awake there's a bunch of zombies around me it also mangos helped with strokes you know what I mean if you have the propensity for you know having a stroke even all those antioxidants do a great job preventing strokes and also they help with preventing heatstroke you know you can take green mango and you can juice green mangoes and then you can add a little water and then sweetener to it and that helps to regulate body temperature and prevent heat strokes in general it boosts up our immune system that old mangos are really great for boosting up our immune system and because they have a lot of vitamin A and vitamin C so and all these carotenoids which help to prevent disease in general and so we're boosting up your immune system and I'm growing more probiotics what more could you ask,

 I think the only thing I would recommend is eating a lot of cooked green bananas to feed those probiotics because cook green bananas carry hold a lot of simple sugars which can't be broken down in our gut except by the good bacteria also they helps with preventing asthma you know mangos help with preventing asthma which is great really good also bone health you know they contain these mangos contain a lot of vitamin K which helps the absorption of calcium and and phosphorous which helps our bones to be strong and that's important also they have a lot of potassium in them you know which is good and it helps Dasom helps with water regulation and also helps with the heart contraction and we need up in general for life and it lowers of blood pressure also so it really helps with the heart part disease in general our skin and hair I mean if I'm talking about the skin before and if just eating them or putting them on your skin or just taking mango skin and putting it against your face and leaving it there like a you know a mud pack type of thing really good for the skin getting rid of acne that way and also if they have a lot of vitamin A and C and I mean they help to promote you know good healthy skin and also in Chinese medicine mangos prevents the formation of kidney stones so that because they have a sweet sour combination in them and anything that has that helps to prevent kidney stones so I highly recommend that you if you're one of these people who have kidney stones in her family you do that also go on my diet you'll never have them also that's a great stomach tonic if you take to mango leaves and put it into water like I was talking about before and drink that every day that will really make your stomach feel good you will get rid of stomachaches you won't have any problems with you know in digestion and things like that also if you have constipation eating mangoes will end their problem right now just like dried figs or something like that yeah you're gonna get you know moving you know one cup only has about a hundred and five calories so that's really a load loss you know low in calorie foods so you can really use it and it's a low glycemic index food also at the same time it still falls in that low light glycemic index category so it's good Friday for diabetics it has about almost percent of the vitamin C and about percent of the vitamin A but almost or % of the B vitamins which are good for vitam for vitality and good mood and it also has a lot of copper and lots of iron in fact which a lot of people don't know about which is good for anemia both of them also like I said potassium and magnesium which is good for your enzyme production also like I said you can make a body scrub and with milk honey and a little bit of salt and you can mash up mangos together and oh really great for great-looking skin if you have PMS and you have my monthly cycles and you're losing blood eating mangos is a good thing to build up your iron also aids in concentration and memory and it has a glutamine ass acid in it which helps with you know helps your brain work well like I said it helps with burning off calories so you would have weight loss magnesium as I said yeah it protects the body from free radicals so you can actually help to heal DNA damage it helps to protect against afro sclerosis and the heart problems so if you have ordinate our arteries in your family you want to eat some mango like.

 I said it helps with anemia and if you have a hard workout and you've been working out in general and you want to recover faster then eats some mangos and mangoes are good food in general may mean oh yeah I don't care if you get the little ones about this size or the big ones like this or one's three times inside and [Music] your great food I'm here I think we have about different varieties of mangos to choose from and therefore prolific they really produced a lot of mangoes off of one tree if you have a mango tree you're giving them to everybody otherwise they're on the on the ground all the time and so think about eating some mangoes mangoes are wonderful and sometimes you see them in the stores at great prices sometimes you can get backed these for like a couple bucks a big one and so think about it enjoy them and you'll be very healthy and enjoy life in general you know it's about having vitality and energy and all the way through your life you know you mean I've seen so many people like just a man today it hasn't eaten right in years and he's in the hospital with colon cancer and it's a whole cycle that happens you know but not eating right and so we really have to start out as soon as possible with getting our kids the eating right going on even putting like your kids on my whole foods plant-based diet doctor hater diet and and they will do wonderfully in fact the American dietitians Association isn't that just came out and said that even little kids on the way up through elderly would do great on a Whole Foods plant-based diet and they will not have any problems with with needing more protein that's that's just a myth you know I'm not a wimpy guy I've seen I've showed you pictures of me when I'm working out and I built a lot of muscle but you know .

I have a lot of these people say you know I'm losing muscle mass well if you're a couch potato you're gonna lose muscle mass you gotta pull pull some weights push some weights and workout otherwise as we get older we're gonna lose muscle mass my dad was skinny as a bone and they ate a lot I'm a lot of animal protein he loves his steaks and he died of a heart attack of fifty seven and there's no need for that he we can you eat a plant-based diet and be healthy I have you know I hear men competitors on my diet I have bodybuilders on my diet I and they don't look like once there's no doubt about it and they're not losing muscle mass they are really pushing and in fact I even have a ninja warrior Rama now the program ninja Wars on your on TV one of those on my diet also so think about it fact I have a man right now has a clogged carotid artery and he started my diet and just the other day and I'm sure within to days he's gonna be totally free of those the problems with the carotid and he is going to be in great shape and it's gonna be wonderful I remember if you'd like to make a donation is down below you like to subscribe I really appreciate that if you I'd like to get a hold of me all my information is down below and feel free my consultations are free and remember I love you

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